Welcome to Living Healthy 24/7

Welcome to Living Healthy 24/7

Hi everyone,

I’m Teresa, aka… Sqwirlgrl or you can call me Sqwirl. 🙂

I’ve lived a pretty average life so far and have been pretty lucky health wise, but the older I get the more I want to do more for my body to make sure I stay as healthy as can be since I am now over fifty.

Today I’m going to talk about how changing your water could change your health.

All my life I’ve been fortunate enough to have clean drinking water, but I do know that even in the times that we live in now, there are people in our world who don’t have clean water to drink.

I have found some important information regarding cleaner drinking water that I’d like to share with those who want to know more about it.


With Knowledge Comes Power

I used to take for granted the knowledge I could have regarding living healthier and what it entailed. Now as I find myself over fifty, I am looking into how I can help my body be healthier. One of those avenues of knowledge is drinking healthier water.

I have found that healthier water can make a tremendous difference sometimes in our bodies. I want to help you find the pathway to healthier water.


Healthy Water, Healthy Body

Everyone wants to feel better and be more energetic. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the water that we drink. Sure, exercise is important as well but why not take that extra step by giving ourselves the gift of cleaner, healthier water.

I will help you find your healthier pathway to a happier, healthier you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Change Your Water, Change Your Health

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Living Healthy 24/7”

  1. Hi I’m David, and I am also from Wealthy Affiliate. I saw your question and instead of giving you more confusing answers I figured I would come here and see exactly what you are up against.

    By the way, I saw your picture and I don’t remember my grandmother looking anything like you do! 🙂
    What I’m saying is you look great. I’m 64 myself, and although I know you said your fifties you look more like your thirties to me?

    I can say that I am not enjoying getting old, but I don’t think
    I have much to say about it.

    Okay, now, first I would go into the setting General tab and get rid of the tagline that you have left in there. Everyone knows that comes with the WordPress software so it has nothing to do with your niche?

    You can leave it bland or add your own tagline. Your URL / Domain living healthy 24/7 you can write about health related and get away with it? I would make a Home Page not a post , and that I would definitely put something about your water so anyone who comes can see what the idea for the site was about.

    Each Post that you create can and should have a different keyword, still related to your living healthy niche, but it could be fitness smoothies or protein powder, anything health related.

    That way as your site grows you will have a collective of all these different posts with different keywords all growing in strength with Google and hopefully bringing in more and more traffic.

    If your articles are compelling people will be stopping to read them and clicking on your product links we hope.

    I followed you so if you ever need help you can always call on me okay 🙂

    You can delete this or copy and paste it somewhere if you need it, but I am usually always around. I stay up late usually and I may be on here at any time? I live in Jersey now but I grew up in Maryland.

    Good luck to you, and take care,

    1. Thank You David , I appreciate the constructive critique and advice.
      I assure you I will most likely need lots of help along the way.
      You mentioned making a Home Page, not a post… I’m about to make another keyword rich “post”
      Shouldn’t this be a post on my URL ?
      Appreciate your help 🙂

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